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HOME Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment where Salem's at-risk and homeless youth may have their immediate needs met as well as have positive opportunities to reconnect with their community.

Welcome to HOME Youth & Resource Center! Last year, about 800 youth came to HOME, we served about 6400 meals, gave out more than 800 school supplies to 137 teens and more than 4,000 clothing and toiletry items to 270 youth. 96 volunteers contributed 2780 hours at HOME.

HOME Youth Services in Salem, Oregon

Eligibility: Youth ages 11 through 17 years, 18 if still in school.

Day-Shelter: Mon.-Fri. 12:00-7pm; lunch, snacks, dinner; showers; clothing; toiletries; laundry; phone; caring adults.

In the words of some of our youth:
HOME helps (me) ”stay off drugs”…. “ I love home, it is great”… “HOME should be open every day and night” … “HOME gave me someone to turn to when I needed help” … “HOME helped get my life back together. Made me open up my eyes”… “HOME has been a positive place for me to hang out and get good advice about family and social issues…helped me with food, clothes, school”… “helps me with my problems”…(helps me) stay in school and be kinder”.

We'd love to have you get involved in the Home Youth & Resource Center activities

Have questions? Need help?
Contact us at: (503) 391-6428

The 7 Step Program at the Oregon State Penitentiary presents a check to Shawna, our Community Advocate. Perhaps more than any other group, these inmates appreciate the work that we do with vulnerable, high risk young people and have provided support to us in the form of socks, toiletries and dollars. They’ve said their lives might have turned out better if they’d had a place like HOME to go to instead of the streets.
HOME Youth & Resource Center received a generous donation from grandparents of kids who've been coming here for a couple of years. They stopped by last week, (08/08) visiting from Wisconsin. "...(we) were impressed with the center and the support you've given our grandchildren. Thanks for what you and all the staff do. Here is a small token of our appreciation."



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